Dear Smile360 esteemed smiling patient,

Smile360 Dental Clinic is thrilled to announce the gradual opening of the dental facility on May 18th, 2020. This announcement means that Smile360 dental clinic wouldn’t only be attending emergency cases but also those who have indicated an interest in coming to the dental practice. However, Smile360 Dental Clinic would operational based on your appointments with us at all our locations, Abuja and Lagos. Don’t get disappointed; we are explicitly taking measures to ensure your safety as well as ours. As usual, Smile360 dental clinic pledge to give you topnotch dental services better than your previous experiences.

More so, there would be a slight limitation on the number of patients daily to reduce the number of contacts and efficiently track the number of people present daily. Upon arrival, go directly to the treatment room. Also, bear in mind, there have been specific measures taken to keeping the reception clean. Smile360 dental clinic has also followed the principle of social distancing with the positioning of the chairs in the waiting room. With utmost care, Smile360 Dental Clinic has disinfected the premises to be freer from bacteria.

In respect to the already establish facts previously, here are a few measures we would like you to do on your part.

  1. If you have booked an appointment successfully, upon arrival at Smile360 dental clinic, please send a quick message to keep your dentist in the loop.
  2. Kindly sit back in your car while you await your doctor’s call.
  3. In a few minutes, a dental nurse would approach and welcome you in.
  4. Keep wearing that smile; it may seem a lot of work, but remember we are taking specific measures to curb person to person contact.
  5. Ensure you are wearing a mask as we would be protecting ourselves, too, with a cover.
  6. Using an infrared thermometer, we would determine your temperature. Please don’t get embarrassed. Smile360 dental clinic is looking out for you.
  7.  You would be required to fill a questionnaire containing specifics about your travel histories in the past few months.
  8. Ensure no one accompanies you. If otherwise, there won’t be permitted entrance for the non-patient. Kindly bear with us.
  9. Make payments within the treatment room. Preferably, we would suggest transfer before treatment.
  10. After concluding your dental procedures, thoughtfully dispose of your gloves in the waste bin and use your hand sanitizer.

To book an appointment, Kindly call our dental clinic in Lagos on 08181360000 or Abuja on 08181360023.