Losing a tooth can be worrisome. Psychology has gone ahead to prove that tooth loss can create intense emotional distress in a person’s life, to the point of severely affecting mental well-being. Also, in cases like this, smiling becomes difficult as you begin to be overly conscious. Dentures proved to be the solution for a missing tooth and still is. There has been a shift in technology birthing the use of dental implants as the solution to tooth replacement. They anchor on the bone, thus giving a rigidity around your mouth mechanism like biting and chewing. Also, with dental implants, you can wear your smiles ideally as there are no clues of artificial restoration if constructed by a skilled dentist. Oh! Did we catch you by surprise? There is a lot more to dental implants, follow me as we tell you more.

Dental Implants: Definition.

Let’s take you back into time, dental Implants were first discovered by a Sweden dentist in 1952 with the sole intent of using them for an alternative for a missing tooth. They originally stand as anchors before crowned. In a simple definition, dental implants are a magical way; a dentist gives you back your smile.

Dental Implant: Why would you need it?

Dental implants’ goals in dentistry include function restoration, aesthetics, and aesthetics as they replace all, some, or a missing tooth. Undeniably, there are other alternatives to a dental implant, including the usage of dentures (removable dental appliances) and a fixed dental bridge, which is often sealed to an outstanding tooth.
Dentures have begun to evolve as they have a few disadvantages over dental implants. These disadvantages include being stressed to use and the inability to taste food properly as they are plastic. On the other hand, dental bridges are better than dentures but can’t act as a standalone. Bridges often require the use of an existing tooth for anchor, thus causing a dent on existing teeth/tooth during prepping.

Dental implants became topnotch for a few advantages over dentures and bridges. These advantages include durability, natural feel, and look, the ability to taste appropriate, amongst others. If you want to get a dental implant, there are specific considerations;

1. Position of the missing tooth

2. The strength of jaw bone

3. Your general well-being

4. Your choice


Truthfully, the procedures involved in having a dental implant are swift and calculating. Your dentist would ensure adequate planning processes as well as the prone and cons involved. In most cases, X-rays would be required to help with the planning process. In cases where you suffer from dental anxiety, all measures would be taken in order to calm your nerves and pull you through the process. It would be best if you trusted your dentist’s judgment, get relaxed while undergoing the procedure.

The Fear of acquiring a dental implant.

A few people have believed that the process involved in getting an implant is quite gory. However, at Smile360 dental clinic, we are fully equipped to make this process stress free and give you topnotch comfortability. Moreso, during the process, the administered anesthesia would help you through the process. After dental implants been screwed to your jaw, you would be allowed to familiarize yourself with it before getting it crowned. Win over that missing tooth/teeth and get an implant today. Please book an appointment with us today for that perfect dental implant.