At Smile360 dental clinic, our Invisalign treatment consists of everything you would need to attain your smile goals. From the very first start of booking your appointment to consultation, we will work with you to achieve your desired smile goals.

Invisalign Treatment Consultation

The consultation is straightforward. We would ask you certain questions on your health history as well as help you map out your Hollywood smile. Then, we will check out your teeth and gums. We take photos of your teeth to help us with your Invisalign treatment and also share your desired smile design with you. Afterward, we would give you all the treatment options and also a quote. If there is an ongoing promo or offer, we would also tell you about it. Currently, we are planning an Online Invisalign Open day on the 11th and 13th of August 2020 and there are lots of offers attached to it. Book your spot and partake in all the benefits there is.

How Much Would My Invisalign Treatment Cost

The cost of Invisalign is dependent on the complexity of your case. Your cost quote is entirely dependent on the shape and form of your teeth and the length it will take to achieve your desired result. For example, someone with a crowded tooth would have the same quote with another with a protruded jaw. In order to know the quote attached to you, kindly take our online consultation here and speak to one of our dentists.

Hygiene Check

Prior to your Invisalign treatment, our dentist would refer you to a dental hygienist who would ensure that you undergo a dental scaling and polishing procedure. The scaling and polishing procedure is quite essential in order to avoid any form of food debris pick up during the Invisalign treatment procedure.


If you have ever had a pair of braces or maybe a denture before, you would recall that at some point your dentist took an impression of your teeth and send it to the lab. Also, this procedure is essential during an Invisalign treatment, we would use the impression to get the accuracy of your Invisalign tray. Also, there is currently an alternative to taking your impression with that sticky slimy substance known as alginate. These days a scanner can also help us take your impression digitally. With this scanner, you would be able to watch how your teeth would slowly and conveniently move during the Invisalign treatment.

Check Up and Appointment

An Invisalign treatment plan isn’t a day visit with the dentist, you would be required to come to the clinic at intervals for checkup. These checkups would be done every 4- 12 weeks in order to check your progress. Not to worry, the cost of each checkup has been calculated into your initial quote. Sometimes, during your check up, your appointed dentist may make small or large adjustments to your aligners in order to align your smile goals adequately.

Invisalign Treatment _ Extra Attachment

We would need to attach a tiny attachment to your tooth to enable easy movements. They are really tiny and are as transparent and not noticeable as your aligners. These tiny Invisalign buttons would be subsequently removed after a while. In some occasions, during an Invisalign treatment, some patient might be required to undergo an IPR (Interproximal reduction) before or during the treatment. IPR involves the removal of tiny bits of enamel in between your teeth in order to create extra space.

Emergency Appointments

We expect that your treatment goes hassle free. However in rare occasions where your invisalign gets distorted from hot drink or a fall, we expect that you come to the clinic as soon as possible.


A few people have complained that after a short while from their Invisalign treatment, their teeth go back to where they have been initially positioned. These cases have been proven that these set of complainers never utilize retainers. If you are sorting for your Invisalign treatment, we advise that you get a cost that includes the use of retainers. Retainers help with keeping your smile straight, preventing your tooth from returning to their initial position. At Smile 360 dental clinic, all our Invisalign packages include clear, removable retainers and fixed retainers too.


Teeth Whitening

We always advise that you wait after your Invisalign treatment before taking a teeth whitening procedure. However, if you don’t have an Invisalign on, then there is nothing stopping you from getting that teeth whitening procedure. You can contact us today for your teeth whitening procedure.

What Doesn’t An Invisalign Treatment Include?

Prior to any orthodontic treatment, we would ensure that your teeth are healthy and are free from any form of dental disorder. If during your treatment we find out that there are a few dental disorders present, we would notify you.

To find out more about your Invisalign treatment, you can book an appointment with us today. More so, you can book your spot for the Online Invisalign Open day . At the Invisalign Open day, you would have the opportunity to ask questions as well as get #50,000 worth prizes. You also qualify for 20% off on same day treatment signup.