We all want to raise our shoulders high and wear confidence. Confidence is most visible with a large grin and smile, perfect teeth, and an overwhelming charisma. Sadly, only a handful of persons have been able to confidently give a smile without feeling withdrawn. There are basic factors that may propel anyone from hiding their smile, one is a perfect set of teeth. Yes, you can gain perfection with your teeth. Just follow the rules and see the magic happen. We ran a survey on what people would love to change as regards their teeth and we got a lot of responses. Here are a few responses and solutions to attaining a perfect smile and dentition. 

  • I would love to make straighten them

This is quite an easy goal to achieve. There are several restorative procedures to help you straighten your teeth. However, the best option can only be prescribed by your dentist after your clerking process. All you need to do take an online consultation with us today. Also, we are currently running the Invisalign Open day, register here. Invisalign are clear aligners used to straighten the teeth. You can read more about them here. 

  • I want them white 

Teeth whitening is mostly desired by the female folks. You can have that glistering set of teeth. There are proven home remedies that can help you attain this. However, you should read this article to know if you really want to do it yourself. 

We always advise see a dentist first before making that decision. Don’t let the quest for a bright smile lead you to the path of a gum disease. 

  • I want to fill my front teeth 

Accidents have been one major factor to a cracked tooth. Most times we have no control over these incidents. This goal is very much attainable. There are different materials available for teeth filling. You could read more about it here. 

  • I have plenty Spaces 

Invisalign helps to close up these spaces and keep your teeth in perfect shape. Asides using Invisalign, you can also use braces. However, you would need a visit to the dental clinic first to know the best option. You can take our online consultation here. 

  • I want a reminder to clean them every six months 

It is no news that you are advised to go to the dental clinic every six months. If you are one who had a busy schedule there are certain tools you can use to keep yourself in check. Amongst these tools are Google keep Google calendar, reminder, and the likes of them. Moreso, your dentist should be able to send you a mail, text, or make a phone to remind you of your next appointment. 

  • I want to change my porcelain veneers

We offer Porcelain dental veneers at Smile 360 dental clinic, to those who want to instantly transform their broken smiles. Your smile may not make you happy because of chips, worn enamel, fractured, discolorations, and many other flaws. Our dentist will lead you to that beautiful camera-ready smile. We numb your teeth, then carefully adjust the enamel to make space for the veneers to be placed. Then take dental impressions. These impressions are used to make new veneers. We apply temporary veneers as you wait for the completion of our new restorations. Once crafted, your veneers are ready for bonding. We check your veneers for fit then bond them to your teeth using powerful cement. We provide Porcelain veneers to our patients in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria. To find out more, book an appointment here.

  • I have a missing tooth and want a dental implant. 

Teeth were meant to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, tooth decay hinders this, and we end up losing a tooth or even worse. Our dentist in Lagos and Abuja know how important it is to love your smile and offer dental implants. We will assist you in determining whether dental implants are for you. Our expert will use implants to restore and enhance your smile. We restore your teeth to a state that’s closest to its natural state. This preserves your bone structure and renews your youthful appearance. The implants look just like your original teeth and can also perform the same functions such as biting, chewing, and smiling with confidence. You can also clean your restorations easier because you can brush and floss them just like your natural teeth.  To learn more, call us today.