These days, pregnancy has moved from the ability to conceive to the ability to cater for a child whether in the womb or out of the womb. Yes, in recent days, you can be pregnant without necessarily carrying a child. While we leave you to these thoughts. Let’s talk about being pregnant with a baby in the womb. Pregnant women see too much exhaustion. There are basically many dos and don’t s to leave with. Moreso, in the dental world, there are certain dos and don’ts to live with in order to keep your oral hygiene healthy as well as caring for your unborn child. 

Before Pregnancy. 

It is always advised that you try as much as possible to maintain perfect oral hygiene regardless of your state. Try as much as possible to brush your teeth with a fluoride contained toothpaste as well as floss daily. Brushing without daily flossing isn’t complete. Ensure that you book a dental appointment every six months with a dentist you trust. Smile 360 dental clinic is one of the most affordable and well-equipped dental clinics in Lagos and Abuja Nigeria, equipped with the best dentist. To book an appointment with one of the best dentists in Nigeria, click here

When Pregnant

It is good news to discover pregnancy. As soon as you discover that you are pregnant, try as much as possible to tell every medical personnel who attends to you. In the case of your dentist, be open with the type of drugs you take. If you have already booked an appointment for a procedure, your dentist may want to reschedule the appointment till after your pregnancy. 

Dental Xrays can still be carried out while you are pregnant. Our dentist would ensure that your baby and you are safe. In fact, our equipped dental x-ray machine has made the job easier. 

We advise pregnancy shouldn’t stop you from your regular dental check-ups. In fact, during pregnancy, the importance of gum disease examinations are important. This is because of hormonal changes in your body. Pay absolute attention to your gums. If you notice symptoms like gum tenderness, bleeding, or swelling; you should speak to your dentist

In case of morning sickness, if morning sickness is preventing you from keeping your teeth clean, you should change the paste to a bland-tasting toothpaste that still contains fluoride. Our dentist could recommend one for you. To speak to any of our dentists, kindly book an appointment here

Eat right, avoid sugary food because of your baby. Remember that if you keep up with sugary substances, you would be prone to tooth decay. Also, eat a healthy balanced diet, your baby’s first teeth would begin to develop about three months into pregnancy. Healthy diets containing dairy products are the best during this period. 

 Here are 10 dental tips for Pregnant Women.

  1. Brush Daily

Morning sickness may likely prevent you from brushing well. Especially because you are prone to anything that enters your mouth. To help you better, you could get a bland toothpaste, and also you could brush after your morning sickness is gone. 

        2. Floss 

Flossing may be stressful during your pregnant state, however, you shouldn’t skip this. Your mouth and hormones are fully active to feed on any kind of bacteria present. Plus, you wouldn’t want to build up plaque in your mouth. 


     3. Dental Check-Up 

In a bid to prevent harm from coming near the baby, some pregnant women neglect their dental check-ups. Sadly, this poor decision would put your child at risk. During pregnancy, your hormones are so active that it makes the gum and teeth susceptible to oral diseases. If infected, it would increase the risk of affecting the baby with diseases. Sometimes, you may lose your baby. For optimal dental health, it is advised that you visit your dentist on, and while you are pregnant. Ensure that you take a regular dental cleaning and scaling procedure. 

   4. Be Careful Of Gingivitis

In as much as you make that dental visitation, it is okay to watch out for any troubling sign on your gum. Symptoms like gum redness, gum bleeding, or swelling can be a possible sign of gingivitis in pregnant women. Increased blood flow and change in hormones can lead to pregnancy gingivitis. If pregnancy gingivitis occurs, the germs can go into your bloodstream and cause harmful effects to your body and your unborn child. These are the possible signs of pregnancy gingivitis, 


  • Sensitive gums and teeth 
  • Bleeding gums 
  • Redness and swelling 
  • Foul breath 
  • Mobile teeth 


    5. Gargle a baking soda solution 

Morning sickness is something most pregnant women out there experience. Although morning sickness is only common during the first trimester, during the second trimester morning sickness is not common. As a result of hormonal changes, morning sickness causes frequent vomiting. This vomiting brings stomach acid into your mouth. Plus, vomiting s detrimental to the teeth, it could lead to teeth decay. In an effort to neutralize the acid, try gargling a teaspoon of baking soda mixed with warm water. This would help protect your teeth and avoid the sour taste.

     6. Limit Sugar Intake 

Sugary substances can cause tooth decay for anybody. When you consume sugar, they stick to the teeth and then begin to react with the surface of the teeth thus causing decay. As a pregnant woman, you need to cut down on carbs despite food cravings.

     7. Control Your Cravings 

Every pregnant woman has cravings, they are prone to sweet, sour, and anything that draws their attention. In another way, some pregnant women crave after nonfood items, these activities are known as pica. They crave things like ice, dirt, glass, soap, and the likes of them. These items are dangerous for human consumption and may likely cause an infection. As a pregnant woman, if you experience pica, try as much as possible to speak to your dentist. 

    8. Don’t skip your prenatal vitamins 

Prenatal Vitamins can help strengthen your dental health and the development of your baby’s teeth. Calcium given to you would help you stay healthy with your teeth and bones.

      9. Dental Xrays 

If the need arises, don’t dispute your dentist when he requests you do a dental x-ray while on your dental visitation. While it is obvious that you should expose your baby to radiation, your dentist would ensure that your baby would be protected from a dental x-ray. 

    10. Avoid Dental Plaque. 

Some women experience plaque build-up during pregnancy. Your dentist can prove you with safety measures to help keep your oral hygiene perfect. 

Enjoy this pregnancy period, live healthily, and do everything that makes you happy with caution. In all, don’t forget your dental health. Contact us to book an appointment today.