Toothbrushes are rather undermined for their effectiveness especially when we get the aged involved. Maybe, not in your country, in Nigeria, an old person would rather hang on to chewing over a toothbrush. We know, that’s ridiculous. Well, toothbrushes have served humanity right for ages and there is no stopping as it is one of the compulsory ways to maintain good oral hygiene. 

A toothbrush is a dental instrument used for cleaning the teeth, usually with a fluoridated toothpaste and clean water. With a proper tooth brushing procedure combined with mouthwash, the mouth is protected against plaque and bacteria. 

We countlessly advise that you should keep your oral hygiene perfect so you can avoid dental situations like plaque, caries, gum disease, and the rest. As much as toothbrushing is just a one-step to maintaining proper hygiene, our dentist advises you to do so twice daily. The act of cleaning one’s teeth is an action that’s centuries old. As you maintain great dental hygiene daily with toothbrushes, here are 5 fun facts about toothbrushes that I think you should know.


The Original ‘Toothbrush’ was a Stick

Chew sticks probably originated in Egypt, Babylon, and China because early evidence of chewing sticks has been traced to the ancient civilizations in these lands. These ‘toothbrushes’ were simply small-sized sticks with one end frayed into very tiny, flattened twigs used to rub plaque and stuck bits of food from between teeth. Some old stories also have it that prehistorical Arabs also used chewing sticks to clean their teeth. Whether it’s the Babylonians, Egyptians, Chinese, or our ancient Arab brothers and sisters, well, you get the idea of when the toothbrush agenda came into existence. This is surely one of the fun facts about toothbrushes that you need to know.


Toothbrush Bristles were Invented in China.

As China is one of those countries where chew sticks originated from, it’s not surprising that toothbrush bristles were invented there. Taking on the shape of old chew sticks, pig or boar hair was attached to the end of short bamboo sticks to mimic the tiny frayed ends of a chewing stick. They grew in popularity, eventually overshadowing traditional chew sticks. The 17th century finally dawned on pig/boar bristle toothbrushes in Europe, with newer bristled brush models made from ivory and other woods coming into existence. So, the next time you brush your teeth and rinse the bristles, appreciate the wisdom and knowledge that brought them into existence. Then you would agree that this is one of the historical fun facts about toothbrushes.


The First Mass Produced Toothbrush was made in Prison

All William Addis, an Englishman, did was incite a riot in 1770 and he got jailed for it. In prison, he saw fellow prisoners cleaning their teeth with rags covered in salt or soot. A light bulb of inspiration got switched on in his head and he came up with a better solution: an animal bone with holes drilled in it at one end to hold bristles glued in place. Later, when he was released, he refined this prototype and became the first manufacturer and seller of commercial toothbrushes.


Nylon Toothbrushes Appeared in 1938

Traditional boar bristles really got around. And they were widely used by people. But as time went by, people grew weary of them because they were a little harsh on the gums. This paved the way for the more hygienic, more comfortable, and more effective Nylon toothbrush. As wonderful as the Nylon toothbrush is, its general acceptance was gradual. But with time, the nylon toothbrush became the norm. Even till this present time, a nylon toothbrush is a standard.


Covering your Toothbrush can increase Bacteria.

I bet your toothbrush came with a cover when you bought it. Well, you might have to ditch that cover because it is unhygienic for you to cover your toothbrush after use. There are some bacteria that remain after rinsing your toothbrush. Covering the toothbrush gives the bacteria an opportunity to thrive and multiply. But because open-air allows for rapid drying and less bacterial growth, leaving your toothbrush out in the open makes it clean and usable for longer.

Toothbrushing can take you a step away from having poor oral hygiene, however, flossing and regular visitation to the dentist are the other steps to perfect your oral hygiene. Our dentist is open to speaking to you. Don’t worry, you need not come to the dental clinic to book an appointment, you can book an appointment here or call +234 818 136 0000 Lagos or +234 818 136 0023 Abuja to book an appointment