We smell Christmas already despite being in the month of November. Meanwhile, other countries just started Halloween while in Nigeria, we are trying to welcome the harmattan season. Soon, the plates would rack, forks, and spoons gouging into several food battles. While you get enthusiastic about the season, we are here to remind you of how to maintain your oral habits during the holiday. 

Are you wondering why you should be extra careful during the holiday, well, because of the high rate of food, Jung, and every other edibles consumption, you would realize that you may not get considered with your happenings? You would certainly tend to neglect your health due to the celebration. Before you do that, there are certain things to watch out for during the holidays.  You need to be responsible for your oral habits. 

Oral Habits Tips

1. You Can Get Bad Breath

 Watch your oral habits during this holiday; a temporary type of bad breath can occur during the holidays despite the regular brushing routine. Consumption of food without properly rinsing your mouth could promote bad breathing. This is because food trapped in the mouth can be affected by microbes in the mouth. 

2. Understanding The Perfect Timing

Too much of everything is no good. Being moderate is perfect. However, during these holidays, try as much as possible to consume any other sugary substance after a meal. This is because saliva production increases during meals and helps cancel acids produced in the mouth by bacteria. This saliva helps to rinse away food particles asides aiding digestion. If you neglect to time, your oral habits during this holiday may become poor. 

3. If It Sticks: Avoid It

During this holiday, we advise that you avoid any meal that applies or seems sticky. Foods like flour contained meals, dry fruits, candies, and the rest of them. These kinds of meals tend to stay longer on your teeth and may prompt cavity. Ensure that if you get tempted in consuming such meals, you rinse your mouth properly and brush as soon as you can. Don’t forget brushing without flossing isn’t complete. 

4. Limit Alcohol Intake

It’s a holiday season to drink up a bottle and party; having all the fun. Get groovy, enjoy yourself but limit your alcohol intake during this holiday season in order to avoid having a bad effect on your oral habits. Too much alcohol can dry your mouth and can cause temporal xerostomia, and promote caries.

5. Take an Easy Chew

Some candies are more problematic than others. Hard candies can put your teeth at risk because, in addition to being full of sugar, they’ve also been known to cause broken or chipped teeth. (Be careful not to break or chip your teeth when eating nuts as well!). 

Having listed all these, don’t panic. What can you eat this holiday? There are lots of other meals you can eat. Food like whole grains, low-fat meals, low starch meals, and the rest. In case of a dental emergency this period, you can contact us on live chat on smile360ng.com or call +2348181360000 or +2348181360023, send a mail to info@smile360ng.com or info.abuja@smile360ng.com.