We always have you at heart. This holiday season we are proposing to help you get those pearly white smiles with a discount- a dental promo. Oh, yea! You heard us. It is going to be a white Christmas. What would you gain? Here is a  full list of what is involved 

50% Discount Off Dental Consultation 

As a new patient or old patient, one of the first procedures you would experience in a dental clinic is consultation.  A consultation is basically an evaluation of the current solution of your teeth. If you haven’t been to the dental clinic for a while, your consultation may take longer than planned especially if your teeth are in bad shape.  Our dentist wouldn’t be judgmental and would only seek ways to help you attain those pearly white smiles.  A dental consultation is often paid for. However, this season we are going to help you save 50% off the procedure. Hurry now and book your appointment here.

50% Off Scaling and Polishing Procedure. 

It is no news that you should at least clean your teeth professionally twice a year. Here is an opportunity you have been waiting for. Get 50 % off if you clean your teeth these holidays. You want to know several reasons why you should jump on this offer, read this article on the reasons why you should undergo a scaling and polishing procedure. To claim your discount offer, kindly click here.

25% Discount On Whitening 

Everyone wants a perfect smile, don’t you? To help you attain that pearly white smile, we have made it easy. Save 25% off a teeth whitening procedure this holiday.  You could read more on teeth whitening here if you ain’t really familiar. To claim your discount, kindly contact us today.

10% Discount on Veneers 

Replacing that tooth may have been stressful because of funds but we have thought it wise to make it easier. Kindly contact us today for your veneer procedure and get a 10% discount on the procedure.

This dental promo is open to only citizens in Abuja and is valid from Dec 1st -Dec 31st, 2020. Hurry now and claim yours.