Christmas and New year holidays are the season for the family. You have your kids around, jumping around with so much joy. One interesting part of this season with kids is the buying of new clothes as well as Christmas tree designs. Of course, we wouldn’t neglect uncle and aunties visitations. In truth, it is a season where the family is valued and loved. Interesting right? The only issue with this holiday season is kids are relaxing and nonchalant. They want sweet-flavored snacks, candies, and the rest of everything.  These high sugar contained edibles can lead to cavities as well as tooth decay. 

While we (Mom and Dads) want to give them the best treat this season, we should bear in mind that there are certain pros and cons to following. In fact, there is a rule book to keep your child’s oral hygiene perfect.  Smile 360 dental clinics have outlined these few tips to ensure that you keep your child’s mouth healthy during this festive season. 

1: Make sure your kids develop a healthy relationship with candy and treats

Every parent’s desire is to give their kids the best. In giving the best especially when it comes to what they consume, please ensure that you control the number of sugary substances consumed by your child. It may seem a little bit difficult especially based on peer influence. To keep your child on tabs, you could create a daily calendar for a snacking time. This would help you monitor properly. Also, you can lead by example. Let your child see that you practice what you preach. 

2: Make sure your children brush their teeth thoroughly before going to bed

You may have helped your child develop the habit of brushing their teeth, morning and night, however, you need to help your child develop the habit of brushing after candy consumption. To make things pretty easy, you can brush alongside your child after candy consumption.

3: Floss twice a day to avoid any food particles getting lodged between teeth

While it is important to groom your child on proper brushing technique, it is also important to groom your child with flossing properly. You could go ahead and teach him on the basis of flossing on oral hygiene. An easier method is to tell him about food being trapped into the interdental spaces and brushes can’t really do the drill. 

4: Limit the amount of candy that your child eats per sitting

Children have short memories, so limiting the amount of candy your child eats on the days following this holiday season is a good strategy to ensure they consume less in the following weeks.

5: Teach your children the consequences of poor dental hygiene

This holiday season should be enjoyed, but it’s important to not let your children go overboard and indulge too much. You need to teach your child the consequences of neglecting their oral health. Teach them everything they need to know about oral hygiene. 

Time for a dental cleaning after The Holidays?

If you know it’s time for your child to see the dentist (especially after the holiday), then please call us today! We provide pediatric dental and orthodontic services to help your child grow with a happy, healthy smile. We have two locations ( Lagos and Abuja Nigeria)  and would love to meet you and your family.