We know how it feels to lose a permanent tooth. It always has a way of stealing one’s confidence and also could affect your pronunciations. The beautiful thing is irrespective of how you lost those teeth, there are several ways to replace that missing tooth. All thanks to improved technology. Before the change in the world, our ancestors who lost their teeth to eat or accident proudly wore their missing teeth as a point of reference to their success. It was more like an award received. Just the same way a war scar was perceived.  

These days, it is not the same. Aforementioned, people who have lost a tooth often fall into low self-esteem. As a dental clinic, we have gone ahead to help you defeat your fears by using different suitable methods to help with your missing tooth. Here are 6 ways you can use to replace your missing tooth. 

  1. Dentures 

You may have heard of the word dentures before or better still maybe this is your first time. Well, dentures are false teeth or teeth used to replace a missing tooth or teeth. There are basically two types of dentures, we have partial dentures or full dentures.  Partial dentures are given when you have a part of one of your teeth missing. While the other, full dentures are given when the whole teeth are missing. Better explained as a full set of teeth. Whilst explaining these two types of dentures, there are several others structured into partial or full dentures. We have conventional dentures, these types of dentures are used when the missing tooth has totally healed. 

2. Immediate dentures are dentures given the same day your tooth got missing. Our dentist would take your measurements and take the impression to the lab and permit the dental technology to help construct your false teeth. Sometimes once the gum around the missing tooth gets healed, it could shrink up thereby causing an immediate denture to drop. To help tighten your dentures, you would be required to revisit the dental clinic in order to line your dentures again. Overdentures on the other hand are used as preservatives. They fit over a small number of natural teeth and help keep them in form.  Dentures are removable and it is advised that you keep them as clean as possible. Also, you should maintain good oral hygiene. You may not be in the right position to make decisions as regards the kind of denture you want but our dentist is right here to help you with the perfect fit. To have a quick chit chat with any of our dentists, you can begin by booking your appointment here. 

3. Dental Implants 

Dental implants are a much better relief when it comes to replacing a missing tooth than a denture. Unlike dentures, dental implants are fixed to the jaw and crowned. They require the process of screwing a metal into your jaw bone ( this metal serves as an anchor) and they are eventually crowned. You need not worry about the pain involved as our dentist is trained to give you a pain-free procedure. Of truth, dental implants are way more expensive than dentures, however, they last for a very long time, if not a lifetime. To know if you are qualified for a dental implant, kindly speak to one of our dentists today by first booking an appointment here. 

4. Bridge 

Like the regular term, a bridge is often like an anchor. So, this type of replacing your missing teeth requires the use of a natural tooth that would serve as an anchor. This anchor tooth is often called an abutment. Bridges are made with several materials, it could be metallic, ceramic, or porcelain. Thinking of getting a bridge? You should book an appointment with us today. 

5. Do Nothing 

In as much as this sounds exciting! We would advise that you shouldn’t resolve to do anything when you have a missing tooth. This can cause a drift in pattern with your tooth and you would end up needing a clear aligner to put them in the right part. We know the list may have been too long and may have messed your choices, however, we are here to help you make the right decision with replacing that tooth. To book an appointment kindly click here.