As we watched all our patients achieve the best of smiles in 2020, the year quickly rolled by.  You have helped us build memories engraved to our hearts. Now, it’s time to make our New Year wishes to our patients, friends, and families.  We send New Year Greetings out to colleagues, to parents, and blog readers. As we embrace 2021, we can not help but be filled with the memories and smiles we’ve seen during 2020. Indeed it’s a year we saw a tremendous change to everything including the health and dental sector.  Memories!  We love remembering the good times!  Here at Smile 360 dental clinic, we hope you cherish many such memories from 2021, and we strive to be a part of them.


Smiles Full of Hope

Dr. Amy and her staff take this moment to make a few 2021 New Year’s Wishes for you and your families. We wish you hope, courage and optimism in the coming year. We want the year 2021 to be like a hallway of beautiful doors opening new opportunities for you. With best wishes, we hope that while creating that new year resolution, don’t forget to make the three wishes below:

  1. Brush your teeth twice a day…and smile!


  1. Floss once a day…and smile!


  1. Visit your dentist regularly…and smile!

Happy New Year!

From All of Us At Your Favorite Dental Clinic!