During the upcoming Valentine’s Day celebration, it’s easy to get carried away with the delicious chocolate treats. While we all love to celebrate Valentine’s Day with wine and chocolates, they can dull the brightness of your teeth. In a bid to aid the perfect celebration, Smile 360 dental clinic is offering an awesome package throughout the month of February. Of course, you are our valentine and we have you at heart. However, you have to play a little part to claim this valentine’s splash award. 

What We Are Offering. 

We wanted to ensure that everyone including you had this offer at ease. So, we created two packages: One for already existing patients and the other for new patients. 

Existing Patients

We are giving a FREE Scaling and Polishing Procedure when you pay for a teeth whitening procedure. This offer would help you save over ten thousand nairas. If you don’t really understand what a scaling and polishing procedure entails then you can find out more by reading this blog post. 

New Patients 

We know it is a season to share and show love in abundance, so we decided to consider if you would want to pay for a loved one’s teeth whitening procedure. We created an offer to also save you some thousands of naira. You would get free scaling and polishing when you pay for a teeth whitening procedure for a loved one. There is no greater gift than considering a loved one on oral hygiene. 

What You Should Do.

Earlier we mentioned you had a part to play right? In order to claim this offer all you need to do is book a teeth whitening procedure appointment within the 7th of February – 28th of February 2021. Once that is done, you would be able to claim this offer. We are asking you to book because we adhere to the COVID 19 regulations. Don’t forget to always wear a mask, wash your hands under running water, use hand sanitizers and maintain social distancing. COVID 19 is real. 

When is The Offer Timeline? 

The campaign offer is valid from the 7th of February to the 28th of February 2021. 

What If I Already Booked a Teeth Whitening Procedure Before Valentine’s day?  

If you already booked a teeth whitening procedure. Kindly give us a call(+234 818 136 0023; Abuja and Lagos +234 818 136 0000) and we would talk about it. 

Remember that a  great smile can be the most attractive feature of your face. It helps you express health, success, and sincerity. It is a great asset in your personal, business, and social contacts. It’s important that you are happy with how your smile looks. Hurry and grab this offer. Also, don’t forget to tell a friend who needs the opportunity also.