You want that perfect smile and don’t want to have a rail of trains running through your teeth? We have something that works: Invisalign. One advantage Invisalign has over traditional braces is the convenience it gives. You can smile at will, remove them while eating, and may or may not affect your speech pattern. Despite that you would remove your clear aligners while eating, doesn’t mean that these aligners can’t get dirty. Keeping your Invisalign clean is an important part of your treatment process. They should be free from odor and bacteria. To help you get the best result from this orthodontic treatment, here are some tips on how to care for your Invisalign aligners. Read on to know what these tips are! 

The do’s of Invisalign Care

  • Rinse your Invisalign every time you take them out of your mouth. Make sure you rinse them thoroughly under running water. Doing this will clear away bacteria, saliva, and food debris. 
  • Soak your aligners regularly using Invisalign cleaning crystals. You can also use a cleaning solution provided by Invisalign or a retainer cleaner approved by your dentist for cleaning them. 
  • Make sure that you adequately clean your teeth for the key to proper care is not only clean aligners, but clean teeth as well. Make sure that you brush and floss your teeth regularly; this will prevent the build-up of plaque and bacteria under the aligners.


  • Don’t consume food and beverages with staining properties that can affect your aligner and leave an unpleasant smell. Stick with drinking water while wearing Invisalign aligners.
  • Don’t use toothpaste and colored or scented liquid soaps when cleaning your aligners. Doing so can cause discoloration, leave a terrible taste in the mouth, and even damage your aligners due to certain ingredients.
  • Don’t be careless with your aligners. If ever you take them off your mouth, place them in their respective cases. Doing this will prevent dangerous bacteria from building up in your aligners.

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