We understand that the thought of dental surgery can be daunting. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing you with a clear picture of what to expect, ensuring your comfort and confidence every step of the way.

State-of-the-Art Dental Surgery Clinic

Our clinic is renowned for its world-class facilities and first-class services. Equipped with the latest technology, our dental specialists are trained to perform a wide range of procedures, from wisdom teeth removal to complex dental implants.

What Happens During Dental Surgery

Dental surgery encompasses various procedures aimed at improving oral health. Here’s what you can typically expect:

  • Pre-Surgery Consultation: A thorough examination and discussion of the procedure.
  • Anesthesia: Options for comfort and pain-free experience.
  • The Procedure: Expert care from our skilled dental surgeons.
  • Post-Procedure Care: Detailed instructions for a swift recovery.

Detailed Dental Surgery Procedures at Smile 360

Wisdom Teeth Removal

This common procedure involves the surgical removal of one or more wisdom teeth. Patients can expect:

  • Pre-surgery assessment to determine the position of the wisdom teeth and the best approach for removal.
  • Local anesthesia or sedation to ensure comfort during the procedure.
  • Post-operative care instructions to manage swelling and discomfort.

Dental Implants

Dental implants replace missing teeth with artificial ones that look and function like real teeth. The process includes:

  • Jawbone assessment to ensure adequate bone density for implant support.
  • Placement of the implant into the jawbone, followed by a healing period for osseointegration.
  • Attachment of the artificial tooth (crown) to the implant.

Reconstructive Surgery

For patients with facial trauma or complex dental issues, reconstructive surgery is available. This may involve:

  • Facial reconstruction to repair damage from accidents or injuries.
  • Corrective jaw surgery to address alignment issues.
  • Bone grafting to provide sufficient bone structure for further dental work.

Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Smile 360 also offers cosmetic procedures to enhance the appearance of your smile, such as:

  • Veneers to improve the color, shape, and size of teeth.
  • Teeth whitening for a brighter smile.
  • Orthodontics for straightening and aligning teeth.

Each procedure at Smile 360 is performed with the utmost care and precision, ensuring that patients receive the highest standard of treatment. If you have specific questions about a procedure or want to learn more about what Smile 360 Dental Specialists can offer, please visit our website or contact us directly to schedule a consultation. Let us help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

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