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Dental Implants For a Happy Smile


Losing a tooth can be worrisome. Psychology has gone ahead to prove that tooth loss can create intense emotional distress in a person’s life, to the point of severely affecting mental well-being. Also, in cases like this, smiling becomes difficult as you begin to be overly conscious. Dentures proved to be the solution for a missing tooth and still is.

Dental Implants For a Happy Smile2020-06-11T12:38:19+01:00

Scaling and Polishing: Does It Weaken the Tooth?


Scaling and polishing is a simple process performed by a dental hygienist or therapist to help remove plaque from the teeth. For some, this process may involve a little pain while others are pain-free. During scaling, there may be mild bleeding, which is not due to any harm to your oral health but due to likely infection in your gums and bones.

Scaling and Polishing: Does It Weaken the Tooth?2020-09-22T11:29:37+01:00

The Pandemic Disease 2020 (COVID-19 OUTBREAK): Smile360 Dental Clinic/Open For Emergencies


The hit of the 2020 discovered pandemic disease - COVID 19 shook the whole world, disrupting activities. Most firms have gone ahead to create usable formats to help businesses go smoothly, resulting in virtual meetings as well as virtual consultations. However, for Smile360 dental clinic, we are planning and cross-checking several measures to help you meet up your dental needs. Until the federal government changes, we would be open during regular work hours (Monday - Saturdays) for emergencies only. Let's tell you a bit about what you should know about the pandemic - COVID 19.

The Pandemic Disease 2020 (COVID-19 OUTBREAK): Smile360 Dental Clinic/Open For Emergencies2020-04-06T09:42:00+01:00
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