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Dental Implants

Life leaves traces — including on the teeth. An accident playing sport, or a fall, can leave a gap in your smile at any stage of life. Caries (cavities) and periodontitis (bleeding gums), can cost you whole rows of teeth over the years.

Whether you’re missing one or all of your teeth, there’s now an exciting option that will help you smile with confidence again. Thousands of people have beautiful smiles that have been enhanced by implants, which is essentially a tooth replacement technique.

Implants are made of special biomaterials that are surgically placed in the jawbone under your gumline. After a few months the implant becomes anchored to the surrounding bone. A natural-looking replacement tooth – called an implant crown – is then permanently attached to the implant to replace the form and function of a real tooth. The finished result?… A restoration that looks so natural. No one will know it’s there except you!

Implants can be used to stabilize dentures and bridges, and to replace just one tooth, or to rebuild an entire jaw of missing teeth. The best part is that they look and feel just like natural teeth.
1. Consultation and assessment.
2. The implant is screwed into the jaw bone and allowed time to fully bond with the bone.
3. Once the implant has healed and is secure, the implant peg is inserted to hold the crown.
4. The new crown is secured onto the implant.
5. Implants require regular checkups and good oral hygiene, just like normal teeth.

Dental implants are very reliable. Patients have retained them for more than twenty years with a greater than 90% success rate. Dental implants have helped thousands of people to eat, smile and speak with renewed self-confidence. Patients who practice good oral home care and regular dental checkups can enjoy implants that last a lifetime.

We, here at Smile 360, can help you decide if a dental implant is right for you. The investment in your smile is well worthwhile.

From scheduling, to screening and cleaning, expect a safe care experience with Smile 360 top notch care.