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Having a great smile can do wonders for your self-confidence, and when you’re trying your best to make a great first impression, nothing does it quite like a dazzling white smile. People looking for a total dental overhaul are often described as looking for a ‘Hollywood smile’ – or a sparkling set of pearly whites, which is the perfect answer to discoloured or misaligned teeth. At Smile360, we’ve been helping patients achieve their dental goals for years, so we know everything there is to know about getting a Hollywood smile.


Whiter teeth

Stained or discoloured teeth can be very damaging to your self-confidence, and in some cases may be due to diet, lifestyle or a sign of poor oral hygiene. Thankfully, reversing the staining process can be achieved with a simple yet effective tooth whitening treatment, applied over a period of time to bring your teeth up to a preferred shade.  Talk to us about our home whitening treatment – it’s safe, easy to use.

Straighter teeth

Straight teeth make an immediate impact on the symmetry of your smile, but there’s much more to it than helping your confidence. Not only does your straighter smile have cosmetic and aesthetic benefits, but it can help to improve your bite and make your teeth easier to clean, resulting in better tooth and gum health. Straighter teeth can be achieved with clear braces, which are a discreet, pain-free and fast way to correct any misalignment. This can sometimes be done in just six months to gently straighten and align your teeth – one step closer to the Hollywood a smile.

Missing teeth

If you have gaps in your smile, it can make you extremely self-conscious or embarrassed about smiling. Thankfully, there are multiple options available to you for correcting this. Dental implants are a very popular option, and one which offers excellent success rates, longevity and aesthetic value. These look and feel like a real tooth, so no one will be able to tell it isn’t real.

Lifestyle & diet

Now that you’ve got the Hollywood smile, you’ll want to keep it looking great. For starters, skip those fizzy drinks and sugary treats to reduce the risk of damaging your enamel and developing cavities. Healthy living also includes plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet – especially gum-friendly Vitamin C options. Smoking is very detrimental to your overall mouth health, so cutting out cigarettes will help to prevent your teeth from becoming stained by nicotine.

From scheduling, to screening and cleaning, expect a safe care experience with Smile 360 top notch care.